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Investors can “mine” them by devoting computing power to authenticating other Satoshi Nakamoto transactions, or they can be bought and sold on exchanges using real money. A high-profile Newsweek cover story in March 2014 claimed to have “unmasked” the inventor of bitcoin, claiming that Japanese-American computer scientist Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto was behind it. Anurag is working as a fundamental writer for The Coin Republic since 2021. He likes to exercise his curious muscles and research deep into a topic.

proof, the defence points out, was not well enough to play a significant role. The major reasons for banning cryptocurrencies include Anti-Money Laundering , protecting investors from scams, and avoiding handing over portions of economic activity to a decentralized and anonymous system. China, a country with only a 20% unbanked population , has completely banned cryptocurrencies for these reasons. Cryptocurrencies have similarly acted to support less developed regions. Nigeria ranks as the sixth-highest with 60% of its population unbanked.

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Satoshi has become a figurehead for the ungoverned currency and a reminder of how Bitcoin came to be. Satoshi’s legacy lives on in the modern incarnation of his brainchild. This is greatly due to the legacy of Satoshi’s initial white paper; detailed yet clear enough to still serve as a manual for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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After collaborating with other developers on the project for nearly two years, Nakamoto withdrew and has not been active online for over a decade. Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of bitcoin, is now the 15th wealthiest person in the world after the cryptocurrency’s recent price rally. Bitcoin’s inception in January 2009 left the whole world in awe as Satoshi Nakamoto opened gates for peer to peer financial transactions.

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A Tesla employee said on his Medium that the company’s CEO is Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the post, Elon Musk’s interests and knowledge could have led him to develop the world’s first crypto assets. Small wonder that cryptocurrency news sites have billed it as the “trial of the century”. “It’s like a Broadway production,” said Kurt Wuckert Jr, chief bitcoin historian at CoinGeek, in a report after the trial’s first day.

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US-based software company MicroStrategy (MSTR) was the world's biggest publicly traded corporate owner of bitcoin. MicroStrategy said in its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2022 earnings results had holdings to 132,500 BTC, worth about $2.194bn on 2 February 2023.

He then posted an apology on his blog stating that he no longer had the “courage” to continue the process of proving his identity. But unlike the other leading contenders, Wright actually claims he is Nakamoto and in 2016 provided technical “proof” to the BBC, The Economist and GQ. But while the identity of the Bitcoin creator remains unconfirmed, the search to unmask him has a very colourful history. Several bitcoin wallets that are believed to belong to Nakamoto also remain untouched, with their contents rising in value by more than 10 million per cent since they were last used.

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